Katy Orthodontics and Invisalign


Your Best Option for Orthodontics and Invisalign in Katy

It isn’t uncommon for people to need braces. In fact, more than four million Americans wear braces. So whenever you come into Grand Smiles Dental to ask about braces, remember that you are far from being alone in needing them.

Many people are born with crooked, gapped or misaligned teeth and need to have braces. Aside from the sheer aesthetic reasons for receiving braces, teeth that are crooked and misaligned, and especially those that are compacted, can hide food, creating a fast track for cavities and other oral health problems.

Receiving braces assists in not only beautifying smiles, but also helps with people’s confidence. Being able to smile freely can assist in your everyday routine and give your social life a major boost. Wearing braces is a relatively quick way to make you feel your best and look your best for the rest of your life.

At Grand Smiles Dental, we offer two different types of braces: traditional metal braces and Invisalign. The most common braces are the traditional metal, especially for teeth that require major work. Metal braces are required to be worn without removing them, while Invisalign allows for the patient to remove them from anywhere between two and four hours per day. Crooked or gapped teeth should be the last thing you worry about moving forward in life, especially since you can wear braces where people nearly don’t even notice you have them on.

Braces, regardless of which kind you wear, requires commitment from the patient. They must be taken care of. During your consultation, Dr. Dat Pham, our founder and general dentist, will discuss which braces you should receive in order to achieve the most effective and efficient results.

Don’t worry about your smile anymore. Schedule your appointment with our Katy dental office at Grand Smiles Dental to find out which braces you or your family member should receive. Contact us at (281) 402­8188 or fill out our online form on our home page.